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Volvo Free Tow for Life


Written by Marco Carvajal

Do you want more support from your automobile brand and local dealer? Tired of paying additional fees for maintenance, towing, repairs and parts?  Perhaps Volvo new warranties are the answer that you have been waiting for.

Volvo is changing the rules for car ownership with new special warranties and offering a new subscription system, Care by Volvo, where you will pay a monthly flat fee including the cost of the car, car insurance and more, easy and fast.

As part of all these new warranties, Volvo is expanding the suite of complementary services available to Volvo owners providing “Tow for Life”. This new complimentary Tow for Life Volvo program will give you peace of mind. If your car needs to be towed to a Volvo dealer, just call Volvo Customer Service and the towing will be free of charge, as long as you will repair your car on the dealer where your car was towed to. If you decide not to use the repair service at such Volvo dealer, then just pay a $50 service charge. This service works together with the recently launched Volvo Car Accident Advisor and the Volvo Lifetime Replacement Parts & Labor Warranty.

No matter what Volvo model you drive, it will be covered with free towing to the dealer. As all Volvo cars are covered with this free towing. Roadside towing is available free of charge, you don’t need to pay anything for it, or subscribe, just call Volvo customer service and ask them to tow your car to the nearest dealer.

To request free towing, call Volvo On-Call from your car or Volvo Customer Care at 1 (800) 550-5658

“Tow for Life ensures that in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle,” said Scott Doering, Head of Customer Service for Volvo Car USA, “It’s a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine Volvo parts and repair methods. This will get the customer back on the road faster and provide assurance that the repair was done right.”

Towing is already included as part of roadside assistance under the car’s warranty period. There is no additional fee to use Tow for Life for post-warranty customers. 2019 Volvo XC40

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